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Note: Evening performances will be held at the main event tent on schoolhouse grounds (Clay/Clark St.) in Clifton

Tuesday, June 30th

10:00 am – New Carlisle Library -Debra Conner leads youth workshop, “Carried Away” – Consider examples of Titanic era travel art (posters, luggage stickers, postcards, etc.) and create your own masterpiece. 

2:00 pm Yellow Springs Library – Hank Fincken leads adult workshop, “The California Trail – Then and Now” – Take a slide-illustrated journey along the California Trail and discuss the beginning and end of the gold rush.

6:45 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton – Springfield Pianist Clara Blackwell

7:30 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton – Martin Luther King, Jr. story performed by Marvin Jefferson


Wednesday, July 1st

10:00 am – Cedarville Library – Hank Fincken leads youth workshop, “Gold Fever: To Go or Not To Go; That Is the Question” – Play theater games and debate the details of gold rush fever.

2:00 pm – Xenia Library – Dianne Moran leads adult workshop, “A Profound Destiny” – A closer look at boundarieschanged by wars, westward expansion, and general attitudes of Americans toward Native peoples.

6:45 pm Main Stage Tent, Clifton Leslie Stratton, Principal Harpist for the Dayton Philharmonic

7:30 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton Titanic Survivor Edith Russell story performed by Debra Conner 


Thursday, July 2nd

10:00 am – Afro-Amer. Museum, Wilberforce – Marvin Jefferson leads youth workshop, “The Power of the Written Word!” – Discuss issues that matter to young people and write letters seeking solutions.

2:00 pm – Clark Co. Historical Society, Heritage Center – Debra Conner leads adult workshop, “Titanic Surprises” – Discover some interesting facts and discuss why the Titanic still fascinates people today.

6:45 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton – Bud Eagle Wolf, Native-American Wind Flute instrumentalist

7:30 pm Main Stage Tent, Clifton – Indian Captive Olive Ann Oatman story performed by Dianne Moran


Friday, July 3rd

10:00 am – Xenia Library – Kevin Radaker leads youth workshop, “Picturing Nature” – Listen to passages from Thoreau’s Walden and illustrate nature scenes.

2:00 pm – United Senior Services, Springfield – Kevin Radaker leads adult workshop, “Thoreau’s Passion for the Wild & the Wilderness” – How Thoreau influenced the wilderness preservation movement.

6:45p – Main Stage Tent, Clifton – The Springfield “Cardinal Squares” square dance performance

7:30p – Main Stage Tent, Clifton Gold Rush ‘49er J. G. Bruff story performed by Hank Fincken


Saturday, July 4th

10:00 am – Clifton Gorge Naturalist Center, Clifton – Dianne Moran leads youth workshop, “Eyes to the West! – Interact with artifacts and animals, and experience life on a wagon train heading west.

2:00 pm – Afro-Amer. Museum, Wilberforce – Marvin Jefferson leads adult workshop, “Dr. King’s Last Great Dream: The Poor People’s Campaign” – Examine Dr. King’s plan to bring about economic equality.  

6:45 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton – Glen Helen inspired duo Scott Lindberg and Amy Blue

7:30 pm – Main Stage Tent, Clifton Henry David Thoreau story performed by Kevin Radaker