Jak Campbell

Jak Campbell was born into a family of working craftsmen  wood workers, electricians, contractors, journeymen, and a few hobbyists. It didn’t take long before it was apparent he would become an exceptional crafter with anything related to wood. Building and remodeling became second nature, as he acquired skills early and continued to hone them throughout his life. Over the years, Jak admired the work of fine wood turners and furniture makers, eventually taking a turn on the lathe himself. It was a particularly good fit. This new endeavor allowed him to team his interest in the texture, feel, and look of different woods with an innate creativity.

Jak’s focus with wood turning has been primarily in the creation of bowls made from native Ohio woods  some practical, some functional, and some crafted simply for the amazing aesthetic appeal of their evolution. Every piece is an original inspiration of the wood itself: one of a kind, never to be duplicated, replicated, or copied. The reverence Jak holds for nature, the forest and woods, and each individual piece of wood he turns is immediately apparent in his art.